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No Tricks, Freehand Art

By: Caffi | May 12, 2015

Really I don't quite get blogs. It feels very one-sided. Maybe that's just the beginning. Getting the creativity going, just like in painting or photography. So today was a trip to a beautiful nursery, Molbaks. There was  an infantile feeling of idiocy when first pulling out the camera to take some photos. You know the feeling? Guess it's basis in in self security. Starting anything can make someone doubt themself a bit. Know the feeling?

By: Caffi | May 11, 2015

Have you ever blogged? I haven't. Certain things make one feel a little ancient, and for me, maybe this is it. So, like the mountain, I've begun the climb.

We have to start somewhere. THis is it for my blog, but what about the art? People often ask me "How Long?". That is a question that from another artist can have a discouraging answer. "Decades? Maybe I can't do this then" they may internally think. It;s not the length of time, it's the quality. 

So we all have different beginnings. Some young, some old. Some only art, some after a different, or many different occupations. Some in the mountains, some by the sea,

It's what helps make our art unique to us!