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An artistic tribute to Timmy Timmy Chang
The BaD cAT! Series
BaD cAT series paintings

This is the series of fun yet touching...ok, in ways...paintings in honor of the life and time of Timmy Timmy Chang, a rescue lilac or lavender point Siamese cat who brought joy for many years to our lives. Anyone who has had a wonderfully bad cat will enjoy these, or anyone who just likes cats in color. These are original paintings, not prints or copies. These paintings are done in high end professional acrylics on 9x12 acid free canson paper. They are complimentarly matted to a 14x17 inch framing size in taupe or charcoal, as chosen by the artist.


Choose the number of BaD cAT! you wish to purchase. Then call to assure the painting isn't sold. Then make payment through paypal or over the phone with credit card. Product will be shipped using USPS Priority mail or equal carrier, with insurance and tracking, after monies have cleared the bank. Price includes shipping within the continental U.S. For outside continental U.S., please call for prices and payment methods.

Price in USD : 


You can order any of the below in high quality 12x16 giclee prints for $75